Monday, November 30, 2009

Lest We Not Forget

Oldest Female Marine Laid to Rest
November 18, 2009
Marine Corps News|by Sgt. Randall A. Clinton

NEW YORK — The oldest living female Marine died on Veterans Day and was buried in the Cypress Hills National Cemetery.

Miriam Cohen was one of the oldest females to enlist in 1943, at 35 years old, said Debra Allee, the 101-year-old's niece. Cohen answered her nations calling twice, serving during World War II and the Korean War.

Cohen, a graduate of the Girls High School in Brooklyn (since renamed to Boys & Girls High School), moved to Tuscan, Ariz., when she was 92.

During their eulogy, her friends and family remembered Cohen's energetic life and attachment to the Marines.

Rabbi Deborah Hirsch told the story of the five-foot, elderly Cohen pushing wheel chairs around the veteran's clinics after she moved to Tucson, Ariz, well into her 90s Cohen continued working with veterans throughout her life, and in that her loved ones found meaning in the timing of her passing.

"She died on Veteran's Day, that makes that day an even more sacred moment," said Hirsch.

Allee said Cohen was a vanguard for women service members. Cohen was one of the first females to serve in a command post, along with being in the first group of female Marine enlistees.

One of the proudest moments of Cohen's later life was her appearance as the grand marshal for the local Tucson, Ariz., Veteran's Day parade in 2006, said Dennis Mincieli, Allee's husband.

Apart from the friends and family gathered for the small grave-side ceremony, a group of local Marine Corps League and Women Marine Association members came to pay their respects and salute a fellow Marine laid to rest.

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